Deylam & Bidboland project reached to the final stage [2019/03/07]

With the endless efforts of APG team , Deylam and Bidboland Gas Compressor Station Project reached to the final stage.
The progress of engineering and execution of the project is 95/71 % , all major project items have been purchased according to time schedule.
Currently, 2 turbo compressors TC 38 , 39 are in the early phase of production and are in operation, 2 more turbo compressors are in the final stages of commissioning for operation and according to the plans will be delivered to the project's end user within a month.
As a fact ,development of these mega projects, demonstrates strategy ,plan ,effort ,hard working and energy of APG organization in all different phase of project ,which is according to the top management organization vision , in which :
"We should go beyond the standards."