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Chairman’s Message

Here in Iran, the energy sector is of key importance for the national economic development and the country is becoming a major world energy producer and exporter in a very near future. The existence of this potential and the emerging of factors such as globalization, privatization, deregulation and the information revolution which are significantly affecting the industry, have resulted in more economic opportunities being created for companies of various sizes and technical competencies to enter the field.

For being outstanding amongst this many, APG relies on his exclusive resources and policies;

Backed by its own distinctive assets dedicated to this business and following its Service-to-Client oriented policy, APG is delivering cost-effective and technically-advanced services to meet its clients' expectations

As a group of professionals, combining technical and commercial skills, we have a mandate to promote a sustainable development in this field and provide practical and integral solutions at every stage of projects’ life cycle.

Understanding the market size and the existing market potential we will continue to concentrate on the expansion of our activities to even broader fields and greater markets ...

Chairman of the Board
and Managing Director